Selling Tips

Here’s a list of some basic rules of etiquette and common sense for sellers wanting to make the most out of their Sales, Garage Sales, Yard Sales, or Estate Sales.

  1. Checks? No Thank You! – Cash is king when it comes to your sale. It is absolutely unreasonable for a buyer to insist that you accept a check for merchandise. If a buyer claims they don’t have enough cash for their purchase, be prepared to direct them to a nearby ATM.
  2. Attract Men – Turn a drive by into a drive “buy” when you put your “man-friendly” merchandise closer to the road. In general, women might be more likely to stop than men. However, with some well-placed lawn equipment, tools, and weight sets, a male driver may just pull over to check things out. Sound sexist? Maybe just a bit, but after all, your goal is to sell!
  3. Group the Goods – Grouping your items together by categories (i.e. kitchen, bedroom, electronics) make it easier for buyers to stop. Lay out your merchandise in advance---taking just a few minutes will pay off handsomely with grateful customers.
  4. Slightly Used –Not Worn – If clothing is torn, stained or threadbare in spots or if items are severely dented, scratched, chipped or otherwise marred, you’re better off throwing them out. You’ll end up discarding them anyway because buyers will inspect your goods and pass such items up.
  5. Signs are Your Best Advertising – Here is a simple rule about signs…One is Not Enough. You will want to place a sign at each major intersection within two miles of your home. Buy signs that are large enough so they can be seen by motorists. And write YOUR ADDRESS on the sign AS BIG AS SPACE ALLOWS. And don’t forget to utilize free posting areas such as grocery stores, laundromats, and churches.
  6. Is a Sale Permitted? – Make sure that you are not violating any local ordinances by holding a sale without a permit. It’s a single phone call that may prevent some embarrassing (if not memorable) moments at your sale.
  7. Hide Spot – While it may seem perfectly harmless to have a dog or cat roam free at your sale, pets may intimidate potential buyers. If you are selling rugs and other floor coverings, showing your pet might also raise the questions you may not want to answer.
  8. It’s Not What You Say… - A salesperson’s greatest secret is not what to say, it’s what NOT to say. In other words, answer questions but don’t oversell… let people think about buying that item without having to think about what you just told them.
  9. The Price Has to Be Right – Rule of thumb: No item you are selling is worth more thatn 50% of what your purchased it for. Most likely, the true value is 25% of its original value. You don’t want to move it back inside, do you? Here’s an exception: If the goods you are selling are new or are VERY near new, make buyers aware of that fact. You will be able to ask and receive a higher price.
  10. Easy Does It – Use price labels that are colorful and bright so buyers don’t have to guess or even think twice about the asking price. Using labels to color code goods by category or by price is another way to make shopping your sale simple and easy.