About Us

About SharpBuys.com

Hy-Ko Products Company, a Cleveland, OH headquartered manufacturer of millions of “FOR SALE” signs, brought SharpBuys.com online as an extension of its current product line.

Sharpbuys.com is an electronic meeting place for sellers and buyers, expanding the reach of the typical Garage Sale, Yard Sale, and Estate Sale to the internet. By using the traditional “FOR SALE” sign AND listing your merchandise for sale on SharpBuys.com, Hy-Ko is helping to increase the visibility of your sale items to thousands of potential buyers.

What parts of the country does SharpBuys.com serve?

SharpBuys.com is available to consumers in all parts of the country. Wherever you find our For Sale, Garage Sale and Yard Sale signs, you may also find sales listed on SharpBuys.com.